The Disinherited Prince Series has commenced with the first book

Guy Antibes’s latest series is The Disinherited Prince with the first book carrying the series name. ┬áThis series will trace the coming of age of a prince that petitions for disinheritance in order to save his life and the life of his mother.

Here is the cover:


Guy Antibes 2014 Anthologies – Three New Story Collections

CasiePress has just released three new volumes.  These are:

  • The Alien Hand – a collection of science fiction stories
  • Angel in Bronze – a group of traditional fantasy short stories
  • The Purple Flames – an anthology of steampunk/paranormal stories

All three have been published under Amazon’s Kindle Select program.

Warrior Mage is Published and Sword of Spells revised.

Warrior Mage, the Sword of Spells novel was released on April 25th and is now, or soon will be, at most online retail outlets.

Sword of Spells, the compilation of a number of Brull, the Warrior Mage, episodes has been revised with Warrior Mage materials including Chapter One.