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October, 2015

Poses of Power Series

Magician in Training

Trak Bluntwithe an illiterate stableboy is bequeathed an education by an estranged uncle. In the process of learning his letters, Trak finds out that he is a MagInTrng-eCvrMedmagician. So his adventures begin that will take him to foreign countries, fleeing from his home country, who seeks to execute him for the crime of being able to perform magic. The problem is that no country is safe for the boy while he undergoes training. Can he stay ahead of those who want to control him or keep his enemies from killing him?


January, 2015

The Warstone Quartet

An ancient emperor creates four magical gems to take over and rule the entire world.  The ancient empire crumbles and over millenia. Three stones are lost and one remains as an inert symbol for a single kingdom among many. The force that created the Warstones, now awakened, seeks to unite them all, bringing in a new reign of world domination–a rule of terror.

Four Warstones, four stories. The Warstone Quartet tells of heroism, magic, romance and war as the world must rise to fight the dark force that would enslave them all.



Book One: Moonstone | Magic That Binds

A jewel, found in the muck of a small village pond, transforms Lotto, the village fool, into an eager young man who is now linked to a princess through the Moonstone.  The princess fights against the link while Lotto seeks to learn more about what happened to him.  He finds a legacy and she finds the home in her father’s army that she has so desperately sought.  As Lotto finds aptitude in magical and physical power, a dark force has risen from another land to sow the seeds of rebellion.  It’s up to Lotto to save the princess and the kingdom amidst stunning betrayal fomented by the foreign enemy.

Currently available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and other ebook outlooks.  Also in trade paperback.


December, 2014


The Quest of the Wizardess

Quest of the Wizardess chronicles the travels and travails of young Bellia. After her wizard family is assassinated when she is fourteen, Bellia seeks anonymity as a blacksmith’s helper. When that doesn’t work out as expected, she flees to the army. Her extraordinary physical and magical skills bring unwanted attention and she must escape again. After finding a too-placid refuge, she takes the opportunity to seek out her family’s killers. Revenge becomes her quest that takes her to a lost temple, unexpected alliances and a harrowing confrontation with her enemies.


Currently available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and other ebook outlooks.  Also in trade paperback.

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