Guy Antibes – Book List

Sword of Spells – The Brull Adventures

Warrior Mage – A Sword of Spells Novel

Power Bearer – YA Epic Fantasy

Panix: Magician Spy – Fantasy Action/Adventure

Shattuk Downs Novels – YA Fantasy Action/Adventure

– Knife & Flame

– Sword & Flame

– Guns & Flame

Guy Antibes Anthologies

– The Purple Flames, Steampunk/Paranormal

– Angel in Bronze, Fantasy

-The Alien Hand, Science Fiction

Egypt: Trouble with Temples – Nile City Adventurers – Middle Grade Fantasy Action/Adventure

The Quest of the Wizardess

The Warstone Quartet – Sword and Sorcery Fantasy

– Book One: Moonstone | Magic That Binds

– Book Two: Sunstone | Dishonor’s Bane

– Book Three: Bloodstone | Power of Youth

– Book Four: Darkstone | An Evil Reborn

Hand of Grethia, Science Fiction/Space Opera

Power of Poses Series – Sword and Sorcery Fantasy

– Book One: Magician in Training

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