Anoria of Valir Series by Guy Antibes looks for first installment in June, 2015

The Anoria of Valir series is scheduled for the first volume introduction in June or July of 2015.  The first volume entitled The Vampiric Menace chronicles the final eradication of vampires on earth.  This historical science fiction/paranormal thriller takes place in 1905.

Here is Guy Antibes’s preliminary cover reveal:


CasiePress Victimized by Evil Hackers

They do exist.  Evil people who insinuate themselves into you website and hack it to pieces.  CasiePress went dark when our service provider shut the site down after tons and we mean tons of viruses and malware were deposited on our site.

We had to clean everything out and start over.  So this site might be a little bare for awhile.  It will eventually be restored to a greater glory than it possessed before the deflowering.